Everyone from Houston has a flood story. Here’s mine.*

An early look at the mountain of debris piling up outside my parents’ home.
Part of my dad’s collection of yard art, amid his ivy-filled back fence.
My parents and my oldest son during happier times — Zac’s high school graduation in May.
Taken from inside a moving car and cropped for emphasis, thus the poor quality.
Can we fix it? Yes we can!
Once my bedroom, more recently my dad’s office.
See the terracotta woman over Harvey’s ear? She used to stand atop that pedestal farther to the right. Both were on top of a round concrete base visible over Harvey’s other ear. Another ruined statue is visible in the top right corner — the piece on the ground had been on the blue and white pedestal.



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Jaime Aron

Jaime Aron

Dad. Hubby. Writer. Reader. Slow marathoner. Recovering sportswriter. More: JaimeAron.com and JakeAndJosh.net. Also: bit.ly/OneToughOut.