My parents at a 2008 bar mitzvah. The setting combined many of his favorite things: family, fun & Judaism.

Funerals stink. But obituaries? My Dad (Hertzel Aron) loved reading obits.

When I was growing up, the (Houston) Chronicle arrived in our driveway shortly before he arrived home from work.

After dinner, he’d read the main section — back to front.

One day, I asked about this peculiar habit ……

Minutes after screaming “I did it!” and charging across the finish line of my first marathon, exuberance gave way to exhaustion. Then confusion: Where was I supposed to meet my wife and sons?

Aimlessly wandering the grounds of the Minnesota State Capitol, I watched a fellow finisher reunite with his…

The silly selfie following the run that pushed me past 1,000.

After running 977 miles last year, my first full year as a runner, I set a goal of topping 1,000 this year.

Last Thursday, with 24 days to go, I broke the tape on that mythical finish line. Smashed it two miles into my usual five-mile trek. …

* I grew up in Houston in a house ruined by Hurricane Harvey. Although I live in Dallas, I returned home to help my parents salvage what had been and get started on what will be. My folks were more fortunate than many others. Most importantly, they emerged unharmed. Still…

Jaime Aron

Dad. Hubby. Writer. Reader. Slow marathoner. Recovering sportswriter. More: and Also:

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